Day Five

Still got flu. Gramma and mom are busy to find out what causes me got the flu. They finally conclude possibly it because mom drinks mineral water or uncooked water. So, from yesterday on, mom drinks only cooked water. The water, however, should not be hot nor warm.

A mom who drinks hot or warm water will have a direct effect to her baby. It's said, if mom drinks hot or worm water, my tongue will get burn. I don't know if it's true.

Bottom line is mom sacrifices a lot for my well being.

Oh by the way, today I'm a five day old baby. Am I grown up enough?

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  1. It's really difficult to thread baby at that age. Prevention act should be really to do. But after his age reach 3 month, he will more adapt with his surround.
    May I know where exactly Malang you live on ?
    I'm from Pasuruan, mas.

  2. thanks uncle Arya. Pagelaran, Malang Selatan is my sweet home.

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