Kanza Nabila Syuhud

My sweety little sister was just born a few days back. Her name Kanza Nabila Syuhud. She's born on 20 March 2010. That's four days ago. I plan to write this eversince but always forget. Sorry sis.

People say she's just like me.

I don't know if I should be happy with her birth or not.

I am just too little a baby to understand happiness and sadness.

The facts are many people come to visit my mother and congratulate her for delivering the baby safely.

Dad says I'm a 'grown-up' baby now.

I coudn't get it what dad meant by "grown-up" baby.

Oh by the way, I am almost 14 months baby today. I may need to remind you all, that I've just celebrated my first birthday on 4 February 2010. That's last month.

Wish my little sister a very good luck and bright future. Amin.

About Me:
A breastfed baby for the first six months and a formula-fed baby months after.