Day 40: Going to Alternative Medication

As I said yesterday, today we're going to Pak Nyoto Desa Tugu, Kecamatan Rejotangan, Kabupaten Tulungagung (Jatim) today. We left home at around 7 am in the morning. Arrive there about 9 o'clock.

First, Pak Nyoto diagnose and give treatmen to my mother whose eyelid swollen again. After fifteen minutes it's my turn. I'm crying when he touch the lump on my left neck. But it felt ok afterwards. He told mom and dad that the lump will be gone later. I hope so.

Coming back home, we take lunch at Karangkates. Mom took my picture and sitting in front of Bendungan Karangkates.

Mom told dad that her eyelid no longer painful. I wish her good luck. She the best human on earth. She deserves the best.

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