Day 46: At Peace with Surrounding

In the morning when dad carried me to the Old House (kampongan) uncle Ali ask dad to let him to carry me for a while. Uncle Ali seems like carrying me for several minutes while dad going to the Old House for talking with aunt Luthfiyah and to meet some persons to buy a household needs. I keep quiet during in the arms of uncle Ali.

In the afternoon cousin Daud and Bessam were also coming visiting me while I was in the baby box. They kiss me and talk a lot to me. While I wanted to talk back to them I keep silent aware of the fact that I am just a 46 days old baby who cannot and should not talk or else I'll be brought to pediatrician for something wrong.

In short, I'm in peace with people surround me with cousins, uncles and aunts. They like me I guess and I'd love to like them too.

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