Day Thirty Four

We (me, dad, mom, gramma) going around Kepanjen market. It's the second time they bring me outside my house (apart from going to the hospital). Dad bought a lot of things for preparation to move to the new house: matress, kitchen stuffs, soft drinks for would be guests, etc. He also bought chairs set in gramma's friend, Meubel Barokah, Kepanjen.

Mom happy because last night I woke her up only twice to poop and pee. Everything is going fine today. Gramma is going to Turen this morning till before noon to attend khususi (tariqat meet up with Alkhidmah's Kyai Asrori of Tariqat Qadiriyah Usmaniyah that's why dad going home after 12 am (he used to go home before 9 am).

After arriving home from tariqat meet up, gramma carried me and kiss me many times. She loves me obviously. I love her too.

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