Day Twenty Eight


Mom and Gramma were so shocked this evening to find out that there's something in my left neck. It's like a tumor. Dad after he arrives from Karangsuko were also shocked to know this.

They plan to bring me to pediatrician to check it out. They argue if needed I'be brought to traditional doctor, alternative therapist, if you like. Who is he, is not clear. The fact, people in gramma house are alarmed with this development and there's a sense of urgency as to this stuff.

I just don't know what to say because I feel nothing.

My Picture Today. Uncles and Aunts think I look older than my 28 days of age. Dad worried that I'm too chubby (psst.. I think he too much read child obesity news from American media). But mum and gramma think with this chubbiness I look 'hot' What do you think?

Oh one more thing: this pic actually dad's most favorite photos. In this photo I look "in command", he says. I am not sure what that means.

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  1. Hi! Cute baby. No videos? Anyway I like babies.

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