Day Twenty Six

Hmm.. a new month of March has come. 12 Days from now I will be 36 days old baby. We call it "selapan" a Javanese term for a baby who reaches that's particular age. In Javanese tradition, where Mum belongs, that special day will be celebrated as I reach that age safely. Just like "umbilical chord falling", it'll be celebrated by cooking a specil sticky-rice porridge.

Combined with Islamic tradition, that day also will be celebrated by cutting my hair by many people in the mosque who recite shalawat (praising Prophet Muhammad) in a Aqiqa for Baby celebration. I am looking forward to that day where I'll be a five minute celebrity.

In aqiqah celebration my parents will slaughter a goat as thankgiving expression to Almighty God for my birth.

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  1. Since you is a boy, according to sunnah your father should have prepared two goats (I am sure dad have already known..)btw could you gave me a favour telling dad that uncle abu have put the Blog Indonesia in his blog for about a couple month.thank you and God bless you and the rest of family.

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