Day 56: One Night Stand at Gramma's House

Actually I and mom planned to have one night stay at gramma's house from Monday to Tuesday. Due to dad's not-feeling-good (he's got flu), the plan was delayed from Tuesday to Wednesday.

Gramma obviosly missed me a lot. She carried me all the time until I feel too comfy not to sleep. Sleeping all the time make gramma a bit upset since she also wanted to talk at the same time.

On Tuesday before noon, dad and mom were going to BRI Kepanjen to save money and mom to make an account. They went to bank too long that made me impatient. I need her to breastfeed me. To attract attention, I just cried outloud. That's made gramma called mom to come home quickly which is what mom and dad did.

On Wednesday afternoon, we come back to our house in Karangsuko. The lovely place I love so much.

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