Day 82: I poop Finally!

Phew..! After waiting for exactly ten days I finally poop today. Mom is happy. She's sms-ing dad (who's been at home) telling him about this. He's obviously so happy too. The stools is not so much. It's just like before. Dad read in an article that the stools would be a lot more than usual if a baby don't poop for a week or so (my case is 10 days).

Whatever, everybody is feeling happy. On my part, however, the feeling is mixed between happiness and pain. The pain I feel because of yesterday DPT vaccination / immunization is still felt and I cry quietly whenever someone unintentionally touch my left thigh where the pediatrician Bu Soesi inject the vaccination into my body. And that's why I am still at gramma's house today. Mom plans to brings me home tomorrow.

Wish me luck.

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  1. wow, I thought that this case for young adult..hehehe, good boy by the way..;)

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