100 Days Baby

The moment has finally come when I as a newborn baby have reached the 100th day hallmark. Today I am a 100-days old baby. Compared to my cousins, I am way too early to say that I am a "grown-up" enough baby. But compared to myself 100 days ago, I am a much older person. Having passed through 100 days smoothly without any hindrance is worth a thousands of grateful to the Almighty God and to everyone who help raised me in the process especially to, who else, Dad and Mom who nurture and nourish me without precondition. They just do it for uncoditional love. A love that I might not be able to pay back.

In this occasion, I just want to put a series of my photos Dad or Mom have taken during my first 100 days of my existence in this world. Photos is certainly worth a thousand words. It's a lot better expression than, say, verbal expression especially for me, a one hundred baby with very limited vocabularies.

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