102 Days Baby: Islamic Song and Stories VCD

Hurray, dad and mom (along with me and maid mbak Muti'ah) go to Malang to buy, among others, VCDs of Islamic song and stories made in Indonesia (kisah dan lagu anak Muslim) from Bayaqub bookstore near Cairo Restaurant.

Dad buys me four VCDs with a kid named Syamil as main character. I just can't help but laughing whenever I watch him singing and talking with his sister Nadia. He sings very good Islamic song and recite some prayers like bismillah, alhamdulillah, etc.

We go further to Toga Mas in Jalan Raya Dieng and mom buys me some children book including the Islamic ones. While dad buy a book note for himself.

He spent a lot more time in Bayaqub to buy arabic books and Tafsir Al Misbah by Quraish Shihab.

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