104 Days Baby: Massage in Kepanjen

My first long trip to distance and hot place makes me sick and so tired. That causes me cry a lot. Dad and mom decided to bring me to Kepanjen to tukang pijat (English, masseureuse) in Jalan Suruji Kepanjen. I cry even harder during the massage but feel a lot better after the massage has been done. The masseureuse seems know what to do to 100 plus baby like me.

I feel so comfy after the massage. I even having fun, making joke and laughing all along with mom and gramma at Kauman Kepanjen while waiting for dad cleaning up his car at Cuci Mobil Semangat Baru near SPBU (stasiun pengisian bensin umum) or Opposite Bakso Duro.

We come home in the afternoon and I sleep well till evening.

According to this piece, massage is ok for a baby like me:

Baby Massages (4th Month)
If you have already gotten your baby used to receiving massages, you can continue to do them and increase the amount of time you do them. Rub your hands together before starting the massage so that your hands are warm. You can start to use special baby oils but do not use talcum powders or colognes. If you use oil, be careful to not touch the baby’s face because it could irritate the baby’s eyes. You can also pass different textures over the baby’s body such as soft ones, rougher ones, cold ones, wet ones, warm ones etc. Allow the baby’s body to come into contact with balloons, feathers, cotton, soft brushes etc.

When to Call the Pediatrician

If the baby does not look into your eyes
If the baby is very apathetic and gets mad a lot
If the baby does not move most of the time
If he does not smile or laugh [1]

[1] www.babysstory.com

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