107 Days Baby: to Gondanglegi

Gondanglegi is a place 4 km from my home. Dad says it used to be our subdistrict (kecamatan) before government change into Pagelaran. Dad says actually Karangsuko is better becoming part of subdistrict or kecamatan Gondanglegi, not Pagelaran's because geographically the latter is a lot closer than the former. But government insists Karangsuko should be part of Pagelaran subdistrict. We go there with dad and mom along with some santri putri (female students) who happen to want to go there too. Dad asks mom to offer them a ride which they accepted.

We buy daily needs in Gondanglegi.

In the afternoon, dad asks us to go to Kepanjen, a city 7 km from my home. We buy Mr Mac fried chicken for us and for our maid too.

Dad and mom having dinner with that of Mr Mac fried chicken we buy at Kantor Pos (post office) area.