113 Days Baby: A Night at Gramma's House

It's Thursday, and as I said earlier, I'd be at gramma's house every Thursday and Friday. Meaning I will spend the thursday night there with mom. I meet sister Zahra who are three months older than me. I also meet with bro Najah from Ganjaran Gondanglegi and all bros from Uncle Munib and aunt Elvi family: Tajul Anwar, Syidan, Kia and Farrel the last bro is the youngest among them who are a year older than I am. Life is exciting outhere because I actually can play manything with my little friends. As a three and half month baby, the problem is I am still unable to do that: I still can't talk nor even sit. One day when I can do all of that (talk and walk), should be a year from now, I'll spend all day and night to play hide-and-seek with them. What an exciting day that day would be!

Meanwhile, dad as usual stays at our own home in Karangsuko. He's doing manything outthere from managing students; arranging meetings to write articles. He seems to be more comfy staying at our own home than joining us here at Kauman Kepanjen. Especially when aunts are gathering at gramma's house, the world becomes so small for him to move around.

Speaking of myself, according to this article, I now should be able to begin to smile, laugh, and starts to grasp toys. Did I? Dad and mom know.