Baby Development Chart

Dad really wanted to know my development month by month so that he can supervise if anything not going ok. He tries to find a good and brief baby development chart for baby aged 1 to 6 months.

He finally got this good one:

Baby development chart

Newborn to 1 month

-Infant lifts head, when lying on tummy, stares at faces

1 month to 2 month

-Baby enjoys visual stimulation, follows sound and objects, makes smoother movements.

2 month to 3 month-

-Baby recognizes faces and sounds, play with hands and feet, squeals, gurgles, and roll over, ability to grasp objects

3 months to 4 months

-Baby begins to smile, laugh, and starts to grasp toys.

4 months to 5 months

-Baby begins to recognize his or her own name and turns towards new sounds.

5 months to 6 months

-Baby begins to imitate sound, will roll over from tummy to back, and starts to sit with support.

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