With Mom to Wedding Party

Day 144 / 4 months 3 weeks and 4 days old baby who is blogging

I went to Kepanjen today along with dad and mom. While dad went alone to a bank, I and mom went to aunt Elvi (mom's elder sister) from there we go along to mom's friend wedding party.

She's a mom's childhood friend. Her home located in one neighborhood in Kauman Kepanjen.

The party is over quickly and we are back to Aunt Elvy's house, her new store to be precise, and been there for a while waiting dad to come from BRI.

In the meantime, the internet connection (Telkom Speedy) that went disconnected (off air) for a few days now is back! A very good news for Dad who are worried that this disconnection will cause him the disconnection with the world for too long.

Oh btw, I plan to publish a new video of me in the next post.