At Gramma's House Testing Telkomsel Flash Speed

Day 154 / 5 months 5 days old baby

It's Thursday, dad asks mom to go to Kepanjen at 10 am morning.

It's unusual considering dad a bit reluctant to go to Kepanjen in that kind of time. But mom knows the reason. The internet connection is the reason.

As you might know, Speedy connection is still off till today. The stolen cable has yet to be repaired and replaced. How about the Telkomsel Flash internet connection?

The Telkomsel Flash connection is not working so well in our home. Our home location is too far away from Telkomsel BTS (Base Transceiver Station) that is 5 km to the east (Telkomsel BTS Gondanglegi), or 7 km (Telkomsel BTS Kepanjen).

That distance (5 km) is too far according to Telkomsel employee to catch 3G signal.

The connection catches 3G/HSDPA signal only occasionally. Oftentimes, it's only catch GPRS signal which is as good as no connection at all. Meanwhile, the device i.e. the modem will be automatically looking for the better signal from GPRS to 3G but will automatically go down also from 3G to GPRS without notice. In the process, the connection will be disconnected. It creates another problem in itself.

In short dad needs a place which is very close to Telkomsel BTS. And where else the most ideal avenue for that other than grama's house?

Hence, we go to Kauman Kepanjen. To Gramma's house party to bring me and mom to meet gramma, and partly dad himself needs a secure and safe place to browse the world wide web in a more comfortable way.

The result, dad says, is fantastic. Telkom Flash internet unlimited basic package (237 kbps) is good when it's used near the Telkomsel BTS that is if the distance is not more than 2 km. But if you are a 3 or more km away from Telkomsel BTS using Telkomsel Flash internet connection is not recommended.

In short, as far as Telkomsel Flash connection is concerned here's dad's advice:
Use Telkomsel Flash unlimited if your area can catch the 3G / HSDPA signal in other words if your area is less than 3 km from nearest Telkomsel BTS. If not, that is if it can only catch GPRS signal, NEVER use Telkomsel Flash. It's useless. Telkomsel Flash with GPRS connection is like disconnecting internet with obligation to pay it every month.

Hey, one thing I forgot to tell: I am a five month old baby right now.

Do I look more mature? What do you think?