Eating Porridge for the First Time

I am a 174 days / 5 months 3 weeks 3 days old baby

It's official, I start eating solid food. Yes, I know I ate solid food (banana) once before but it's discontinued by mom because I got diarrhea then.

Now, mom tries to give me porridge for baby. And it works!

I eat porridge twice today and I got no diarrhea at all.

With this new eating habit, I have reduced mom's task to breastfeed me all the time.

Mom only needs to breastfeed me whenever I feel thirsty, not hungry.

Is eating porridge in particular or any solid food in general good for me, a six months minus 3 days old baby? It's ok, says expert:

"At four to six months a baby can begin to be given a little solid food in addition to breastfeeding or formula milk.

Good foods to start a baby on are porridge made with ground rice, boiled mashed carrots, boiled mashed potatoes, shredded apple, mashed banana, mild blackcurrant juice or apple juice.

When introducing a new type of food to the baby's diet, do it slowly and a little at a time to give their digestive system time to adjust. One teaspoon is enough the first time. This can be increased gradually to three to four tablespoons.

If a baby is very hungry it may not want to try new food, so it is sometimes best to breastfeed before trying the new food. Always let a few days pass after trying one new type of food before you introduce the next.

Vegetables and potatoes must be cleaned thoroughly or peeled before they are boiled. The food has to be boiled long enough for it to mash easily. Adding some of the vegetable water and a teaspoon of cooking oil when mashing the food is a good idea. If the food is too coarse, you can press it through a sieve.

Apples can be boiled and mashed or shredded with a tea spoon. Bananas are easily mashed with a fork.

Ground rice is available in packets especially made for babies with iron already added. It should be prepared according to the recipe on the package. To improve the taste, you can add breast milk or milk powder. Regular full cream milk is not recommended for babies at this stage due to the risk of allergy.

Never add salt to a baby food as even a small amount of salt can disturb the baby's salt balance.

If the baby makes faces or spits out the food when tasting something new, this is not cause for alarm. It doesn't mean the baby doesn't like this new food. It is just the baby's way of showing that it is experiencing a new sensation in its mouth."[1]

So, here I am now. After almost six month old (in fact just 3 days to go), I start tasting solid food. I feel a bit "grown-up". Dad says so.

Watch Video when I am Eating Porridge which become my daily food twice a day now