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I am a 197 days / 6 months, 2 weeks & 3 days old baby

Since yesterday, I am busy with a new toy: a baby walker.

Dad and mom bought it yesterday afternoon in Jalan Kasin, Malang. Mom thinks a baby walker will enable me to be able to walk quicker. Or simply put, it'll make me having more fun.

Dad as always think something else: is baby walker safe for a 6 and 2 weeks baby like me who cannot even sit down unassisted? Dad is worried that the purpose will end in opposite result.

Robert Steel of reports interesting facts and opinion as follows:

- The few studies that have been done looking at the how walkers affect development have shown that they do not affect the time at which a child learns to walk. And in fact, most studies have shown that if there is any effect on walking, it is a delay of a few weeks. Babies who use a walker tend to have an abnormal gait at first, but this tends to resolve quickly with time.

- they (baby walkers) are one of the most dangerous inventions made for children, causing a lot of harm and heartache each year.

- Babies almost universally love them, and parents love to use them because they may keep an otherwise fussy baby entertained -- often for hours.

- Safety, however, is an entirely different issue, and is one in which there is a lot known. In 1997, baby walkers sent more than 14,000 babies to the hospital emergency room. Walkers were even involved in 34 deaths from 1973 to 1998. give us tips to pick a good baby walker

Safety first. Select a model with a wheelbase that's longer and wider than the frame of the walker to ensure stability.

Practice collapsing display models in the store. Make sure the folding mechanism works well. In our tests, some models, such as the Safety 1st Grip 'N' Go, pinched a finger when it was unfolded.

Don't buy a walk-behind walker. Some walkers, such as the Kolcraft Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Activity Walker #14570, can be converted to a walk-behind walker; once they're able, babies have the option of scooting around on foot by pushing the walker from behind. We consider walk-behind units dangerous because a baby could push the walker down stairs. Avoid these models or simply don't convert them into walk-behind mode.

Take your baby with you. When you're shopping, make sure his feet can touch the ground on the seat's lowest setting.

Examine attachments. Look for small toys or parts that can break off or screws that can loosen. Toys and parts should be firmly attached.

Meanwhile, emphasises that baby walker don't make your baby walk quicker:

Will Your Baby Walk Sooner?

No, Baby walkers are not a necessary implement in the growth and development of your baby. In fact some studies have shown them to be potentially instrumental in actually delaying the age at which a baby will walk on his or her own.

Pediatricians have been warning about the use of baby walker safety for a few years now. There has been an increase in numbers of baby walkers sold and with that an increase in the number of injuries has occurred.

The most common type of injury is when babies fall down stairs or steps in their baby walkers. The next common danger is poisoning, because the babies have more mobility in a baby walker, they are more likely to get into and be able to reach substances that can harm them. Baby walker safety should be a real concern when you are thinking about putting your baby in a baby walker.


Determining the right age for buying a baby walker for your baby depends a lot on your baby's skill level. Babies develop at different ages. Most pediatricians recommend not buying a baby walker at all, because of the baby walker safety concerns, but if do feel that a baby walker is safe for your baby, you should wait until your baby can sit up on their own and start to pull themselves up on furniture with or without assistance. This is usually between 5 to 6 months of age. It's possible that the child will not develop the leg and thigh strength needed to do these activities if left too long in a walker.[1]

bab waker farzan esfandiar

Update 19 Sep 2009: Watch Video when I am playing with Baby Walker. This video is taken when I reach 7 month 1 week.