Breastfeeding while Pregnant

I am a 195 days / 6 months, 2 weeks & 1 day old baby

Is it safe for mom to breastfeed me while she's pregnant?

After getting some comments regarding the end of breastfeeding here and here which blame mom and mom's doctor who "conspired" to stop breastfeeding me as unfortunate, dad and mom starts talking and searching some articles on this issue and the possibility for mom to restart breastfeeding me again.

I am so happy to hear the plan. But let's see what dad and mom found out about breastfeeding while pregnant and the risk regarding this matter which they found from various authoritative sources i.e. lactation expert, pediatrician,obstetrician etc:

According to Roger W. Harms, M.D., of Mayo Clinic obstetrician and medical editor-in-chief, breastfeeding during pregnancy is okay provided "vigilance is paid to healthy eating and aggressive hydration. Supplemental prenatal vitamins, especially vitamin D, may be needed as well."[1]

Because, breast milk continues to be nutritionally sound throughout pregnancy. The content of breast milk changes throughout pregnancy, however. This may affect the way the milk tastes. Decreased milk production is also likely as the pregnancy progresses. Sometimes these factors lead a nursing child to wean on his or her own.

The risk, doctor Harms says, is that breast-feeding can trigger uterine contractions. Although these mild contractions aren't a concern for most women, caution is important. Breast-feeding during pregnancy generally isn't recommended for women who have a history of preterm labor.[2]

Jan Barger, a lactation consultant of even encourages pregnant mother to continue breastfeeding her newborn baby and ensures that the unborn is safe:

Millions of women through the ages have breastfed during pregnancy and continued to nurse an older child along with the new baby.

Many mothers have questions about how this works and whether nursing while pregnant could trigger premature labor or take nutrients away from the unborn baby. They may find that healthcare professionals are sometimes quick to recommend weaning — but if so, it's worth asking why. It's possible that the doctor or practitioner hasn't really researched the topic of nursing while pregnant.

... You don't need to be concerned about your unborn baby receiving enough nourishment while you're nursing his older sibling, either. Human bodies are amazing. They can maintain their own health and make milk for a newborn and provide adequate nutrition for his fast-growing sibling. You might be hungrier because of all this work, though — so go ahead and enjoy that peanut butter and jelly sandwich![3]

On the risk of labor contraction

There's a link between nursing and labor contractions, but it's not worrisome. Oxytocin is the hormone that's released when your baby suckles; it causes your milk to let down. Oxytocin is also what triggers labor contractions (and is the hormone that's released during orgasm).

The amount of oxytocin that causes milk to flow is a lot less than the amount of oxytocin that's needed to cause labor contractions, though, so there's no need to worry. One exception would be if your healthcare practitioner has put you on "pelvic rest" (no breast play, no intercourse) for preterm labor; if this is the case, then weaning will be necessary.[4]

It seems mom and dad tend to budge to the advice against weaning breastfeeding.

So, I expect a good news will come soon from both of them announcing that I can enjoy the most nutritious milk ever created once again. Yeah, breast-milk is what I'm talking about.

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