Day 3 without Breastfeeding

I am a 194 days / 6 months, 2 weeks old baby

Update: I pooped twice today, it's unusual. But it's not diarrhea. During breastfeeding days, I did bowel movement no more than twice a week or even once a week. May be I need adjustment with this new way of life.


Today is the third day mom gives up breastfeeding me.

Unlike the first day, it's so hard on my part to part away from the breastfeeding habit.

I become so difficult to sleep. Difficult to eat. And difficult to stay calm.

Mom cries sometime seeing me in agony. She simply don't have the heart to leave me unbreastfed. But as dad says, we just don't have any other option.

Leave the breastfeeding, or we would sacrifice the 1 and half month would be baby in the womb.

This is the first day and night that mom totally don't breastfeed me.

I 100 percent consume infant formula (Lactogen for 0 - 6 month baby) as much as I feel thirsty and eat porridge (Milna biscuit) twice a day.

Wish me luck with my new habit. Aunt Luthfiyah already said that I got a bit of weightloss.