Eating Baby Biscuit the First Time

I am a 178 days / 5 months 4 weeks old baby

Frankly speaking, I am busy today and therefore I am bit tired. That's said, I have something to tell you:

First, in the morning, I am following dad and mom to downtown Malang. Dad has some business there and mom brings some long listed items to buy.

We arrive home around 1 pm.

Second, mom bought me a baby biscuit. Mom likes it so much to the fact that I enjoy the bite. She even records it.

Third, at 2 pm joining mom watching the girls student having exams. It takes two hours before we come back home.

Fourth, at 6 pm going to mbah (grampa) Fauzi Sarivit[1] to attend 40th day of mbah (gramma) Ortha's death spiritual rites (tahlilan). And come home at 8.30 which make dad miss the teaching time.

Oh one more thing, it's four day to go towards another milestone.

Watch the Video when I eat Biscuit for the first time

[1] Haji Fauzi bin Kyai Nabrawi, Gondanglegi, Malang, is uncle of mom. Brother of mom's mother.
[2] Mrs. Ortha is Haji Fauzi's wife. Mom calls her Bude O'