Farzan Esfandiar

My full name is Ahmad Farzan Esfandiar Syuhud, known simply as Farzan Esfandiar. I was born on 04 February 2009 AD / 08 Shafar 1430 AH in Pondok Pesantren Alkhoirot Karangsuko, Pagelaran (Gondanglegi), Malang, Jatim, Indonesia. If you don't have a clue where Karangsuko, or even Indonesia is, see my place in the Google Maps.

I am son of A. Fatih Syuhud (my father) and Nia (my mother).

Dad and mom agree that I should start blogging from the time I am born. Nothing I could do but to abide by their wish. Afterall, without them I will never exist in this world.

With this blogging activity, my parent, dad in particular, wanted me to write a sort of autobiography, a memoir of an unknown person called Farzan Esfandiar. He may or may not become a prominent figures in the futures, but certainly he has the determination to tell the world, the babies and the grown-ups around the world, that he exists and that there's a lesson or two could be taken from his lives.

Some people wonder what Farzan Esfandiar stand for. To those who asked and those who would express the same question, consider to read my explanation here to save your time and mine.

Finally, I do hope that this daily note of me will be of benefit for you, my honorable readers. There is nothing special but to feel that what you have done is useful for others.

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Even though I am just a baby, I wanted to be like the grown-ups in terms of online activities engagement such as blogging, and social networking. Here are my social networks profile links:

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