Telkom Speedy Cable is Stolen Yet Again

I am a 202 days / 6 months, 3 weeks & 2 days old baby

The ink used to write on 9 August 2009 about the stolen Telkom cable is not yet dried, and now (27 August 2009) Telkom cable theft happens again; the first during Ramadan. Does the thief not have any respect to Ramadan at all?

The previous cable theft actually was replaced a week after it happens. So, practically, we just enjoy Telkom Speedy internet connection about one week before it's stolen again this morning.

Fortunately, dad and mom go to Gramma's house in Kepanjen today. So, we can still have a good internet connection using Karto Halo Telkomsel Flash unlimited. As said before, this Kartu Halo Telkomsel Flash cannot be used in my home because the distance from BTS is 5 km or more. You cannot have a good connection if your home is more than 3 km from Telkomsel BTS.

Farzan Esfandiar