Baby Falls from Bed

I am a 220 days / 7 months 1 week & 3 day old baby

It's a bad day and bad luck for me. I fall from bed this early morning around 3 am.

Mom went out of room to make a baby formula for me when I was enjoyfully rolling over without knowing that I am going to fall from bed.

It happens so fast. I just felt so painful. I saw dad run over me and a bit blaming mom for leaving me alone (he should be more patient, I hope).

Mom was so scared that she carried me all the time while I was crying not aware that carrying me too long would make my would be sibling in the womb at risk.


Dad and mom were all panick. Dad quickly connected to internet to find out if this incident dangerous to me. Here's what he got from

Baby fall from bed

My baby fell from my bed (about 3 feet high) the other day, my older daughter was watching her and turned around, just them my 7 month old rolled off bed. She cried immediately for about 2 minutes, then stopped. No other symptoms but I feel just horrible. Did this happen to anyone else? My friends tell me their babys fell too and she is okay.

Exact same thing with same age baby, same height bed. Most falls 3 feet and under are unlikely to cause serious injury. I took her to the ER just to be safe. They checked all limbs for full rotation, checked to see if she was tender anywhere, and checked to make sure pupils responded to light normally. Advice from ER doctor was to watch her for vomiting, diarrhea, extreme behavior changes, and eating changes for three weeks. Advice from our regular pediatrician was that if she vomits (not spits up, their words were "empties the contents of her stomach") twice in the three days following the fall, go to the ER right away. Also, if she was inconsolable during the three days after the fall, go to the doctor. Lesson learned, baby hangs out on lower surfaces these days. Also, while in the ER, EVERYONE told me the stories of their babies falling because I was so upset about it - the doctor, the triage nurse, a second nurse, and the lady who takes payments.


Reading the short article above make dad a bit calmer since I don't have any symptom mentioned. I don't vomit, diarrhea, extreme behaviour changes etc except crying every now and then when mom or dad hold my left shoulder.


At about 7 am in the morning, dad and mom along with mbak Muthi'ah (my baby sitter) bring me to Pak Giman, the masseur, to massage me. He said it's ok and no broken bonds occured.

I think I have to be more careful and use my good "wisdom" when I wanted to roll over or do a tummy time.