Seven Months Baby

I am a 210 days / 7 months old baby

I hardly believe that I have reached seven months milestone.

While it's still long way to go, it worth remembering as one of the sweetest milestone in my life.

This seven month hallmark is important for more than one reasons.

First off, this month marks the departure of habit; from exclusively breastfeeding into consuming almost baby formula. Despite mom still still breastfeed me, I start enjoying baby formula more.

Second, I also enjoy eating porridge lately. My eating-porridge habit rises from one piece of Milna biscuit into one and half. No wonder, if I look chubby nowadays. At least that's what uncle Ali (KH Zainal Ali Suyuthi) said yesterday.

This new habit of eating solid foods and drinking baby formula and enjoy doing both are a good sign for me. It's because I have to do so as mom's breast-milk no longer smooth and that makes it "less enjoyable."

What a 7 Month Baby like me is Doing

Bouncing up and down

Your baby can now support some of her weight on her legs, and she loves to bounce. What's more, she's probably able to sit unsupported (which will free her hands for exploring), and she'll turn when sitting to reach a desired object. She may even be able to get into a sitting position from lying on her stomach by pushing up on her arms.[1]

Recognition skills

Your baby now actively engages in hiding games. Place one of his favorite toys on the floor and cover it with a napkin. Pull the napkin off and say, "There it is!" Cover it again and repeat.

Stimulating toys and games

Because he likes predictability, your baby enjoys playing the same game or reading the same book over and over.[2]

Learning to grab

Your baby's fine motor skills are coming along, too. By now she can probably scoop things up with just one little hand and transfer them from one hand to the other fairly easily. She may also be able to clasp her hands together and sip from a two-handled cup (with your assistance). Before long you'll probably notice the noise level increasing, not only because of your baby's babble, but also because she'll find out how much fun it is to bang objects together.[3]



Here are my latest photos

Farzan Esfandiar 7 months baby
Farzan Esfandiar 7 months baby