Baby Massage Again

I am a 238 days / 7 months 4 weeks old baby

Today I got massaged again along with mom.

The masseur is Mak Yah, a 60-year-old woman from Singosari, Malang. Singosari is a 40 km away from my home.

So, she's coming from a relatively distant way. We call her up because she's known for her expertise in this massage thing. That's why when she come, we got to be in long ine to get massaged.

All people at mom's big family are in in queue to get massage from her.> Luckily, I and mom got the first turn.

Is massaging baby a good one? Yes, as written here, it is.

If you have already gotten your baby used to receiving massages, you can continue to do them and increase the amount of time you do them. Rub your hands together before starting the massage so that your hands are warm. You can start to use special baby oils but do not use talcum powders or colognes.


We got home when dad picks us up at 4 pm.I also take photos with other cousin from Uncle Udin (Kyai Haji Aminuddin) and aunty Mila binti Kamilun. They are mbak Qurrotu A'yun (A'yun) and mbak Fatimatuz Zahra (Zahra). I'll publish those photos later in other posts.

Meanwhile during in gramma's house, I cried a lot. I don't why. I just wanted it like crazy. Gramma's confused. Mom's is confused as well. I wish I can more well-behaved next time I visit gramma's house.


Today, the Speedy internet connection is disconnected again. The reason is old: Telkom cable is stolen somewhere between Karangsuko-Gondanglegi road.