Baby Photo with Cousin: Mbak Ayun

I am a 250 days / 8 months, 1 week & 3 days old baby

Part of baby photos with cousin series

Full name: Qurrotu A'yun

Father: Muhammad Aminuddin Kholis bin Ustadz Abdullah Kamal Mufid

Mother: Kamila binti Kamilun

As you may notice, my cousinship with mbak A'yun is coming from her father pak de (uncle) Udin who is mom's elder brother.

Mbak A'yun is the oldest children in the family. She's a beautiful little girl and is so nice to me as well.

These are the photos of her with me in Mbah Umi (gramma)'s house

farzan with a'yun binti udin
farzan with a'yun binti udin