Eight Months Baby

I am a 240 days / 8 months old baby

Today, 4 October 2009 is the 8th months of my birth day. As I said here, I was born on 4 February 2009 that is eight months ago.

I, like my father and mother, celebrate everytime I reach a new month milestone. Dad particularly thinks that the first year of baby existence is critical and important. I am included.

The fact that I am his first child is actually enough to make my presence greeted like a little king or a Dalai-Lama-like descendant.

Dad, however, reminds mom that even if both love me so much,they have committed not to spoil me. They are pretty clear on one thing that the first good education rule of thumbs is by not spoiling your kids, whatever love you've got to them.

Showing love does not mean spoiling them. On the contrary, loving them should be shown by treating them proportionately.

I am thankful to dad and mom's commitment and love to me.

I wish I could give them the same kindness in return sooner rather than later.


Wedding Party

Today, I also have attended a wedding party of pakde Faqih in Universitas Brawijaya auditorium. Of course, I went there with dad and mom. Along with us were gramma, uncle Lutfi and gramma's sister who mom calls Bude Zubaidah.

Many good foods outthere. Unfortunately, dad and mom prevent me from eating those adult foods. Ok, I can wait for a few years from now.


My eight months photos