Massaged by Pak Giman Ngipik Kanigoro

I am a 252 days / 8 months, 1 week & 5 days old baby

I have been a bit fussy these last two days. Crying at night every now and then.

Thus makes me a bit disturbing baby to my baby sitter, mbak Mina and mbak Muthi'ah with whom I sleep at night. I forgot to tell you that since three days ago, I no longer sleep with mom at night. I am trained not too much dependent on mom so as to be prepared when the would-be younger sister is born someday.

Back to my fussiness, so mom and dad concluded that I'm too tired and massages.

Thus, dad phoned Pak Giman, the masseur, to our home.

After that, strangely, I am able to sleep comfortably for very long long time. I sleep all day and hopefully all night tonight.


Now, the baby massage is good so far as I am concerned. What about from medical perspective? It's ok too, as explained here:

If you have already gotten your baby used to receiving massages, you can continue to do them and increase the amount of time you do them. Rub your hands together before starting the massage so that your hands are warm. You can start to use special baby oils but do not use talcum powders or colognes.

Watch the Video when Pak Giman massaged me previously