Sleep Over at Kepanjen

The routine is back. Several weeks after Idul Fitri 2009 I and mom restart the weekly routine: sleep over at gramma's house from Thursday to Friday.

This routine was not done during Ramadan this year as Dad objected to that citing that during Ramadan all family--meaning dad, mom and me--should be together all the time.

Gramma loves me so much. She's the one who took care of me from the first day I was born. And kept taking care of me until I reached one month of age when she thought mom is able to take the charge to take care of me.

So, it's dilemmatic on dad's part to object to gramma's request on the weekly routine sleep over thing.

Deep inside, dad does want to say 'no' to this gramma's 'order' as he thinks it's a family distraction, so to say. But, well, let's give gramma a chance to be happy. That's what dad says whenever I said I wanted to be with dad.

Actually, I oftentimes give a hint to gramma that I don't like so much staying at Kauman, Kepanjen, by crying a lot whenever I stay there. Gramma, however, thinks the opposite reason for my 'colic' behaviour: I should be more often coming over to Kauman so that I feel more at home there.

One day when I am able to talk, I'll let gramma know about this.

farzan kantor pln malang
farzan dalam MOG GIANT malang

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