Doing MMR Vaccine

As planned, I go for MMR vaccine today in the Posyandu (pos pelayanan anak terpadu, a government -run free health services for children). Just in case you forget about MMR vaccine: "The MMR vaccine is a mixture of three live attenuated viruses, administered via injection for immunization against measles, mumps and rubella (also called German measles). It is generally administered to children around the age of one year.."

Mom actually is a bit doubtful to bring me there as she thought I am not fully fit. Dad however encourages her to consult the pediatrician (Bu Wahyu) first.

Bu Wahyu, it turns out, says that I am ok to get the last immunization for the first year of my age.

The pediatrician also told mom that the reddish stuff in my neck is not Rubella or German measles as mom thought. It's only biang keringat (Indonesian, meaning prickly heat).

Thanks God. So, this everning I enjoy bathing something I didn't do for days. Mbak Muthi'ah (the baby sitter) bathed me.

baby farzan doing MMR vaccine

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