Taman Safari 2 Prigen Pasuruan Jatim

We leave for Taman Safari (Safari Park) 2 at about 9 am. The driver is Pak Haderi from Brongkal.

My baby sitters, mbak Mina and mbak Muthi'ah are also coming along.

We enjoy the trip. I especially enjoy watching the wild animal from different continent (Africa, Asia, Europe and America) stay together in one place.

I enjoy watching the camel, komodo, lions and deers (so many kinds of deers) and many more.

So much I enjoy the trip that I am not aware of one fact that I have too much overused my energy. I feel so tired when I go home that I cannot sleep comfortably at night.

Me and my Baby-sitters mbak Muthi'ah and mbak Mina in front of Taman Safari 2 Gate

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