Having Cold

I have got cold (Indonesian, pilek / flu) again. I am feeling not so well since last night.

Mom and dad tease me to play around with the latest skill I have just found: crawling. I am not interested however hard they try to make me come along.

Having flu makes you not feeling good to yourself and to others.

That's exactly what happens today. And that's the reason why my parents didn't bring me to downtown Malang and keep me staying with the nannies at home.

In the afternoon, mom and mbak Muthiah, the nanny, bring me to pediatrician (bidan) Bu Wahyu whose home is just a 100 meters away from mine. She gives me two bottles of medicine (syrup) to drink. Hopefully, that medicine will bring my laughter back on track again.

Having cold makes me hard to breath. It's not fun, for sure.

baby got cold flu

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