Muslim Baby Names (C - D)


Cala Female Castle
Cantara Female Small bridge
Chaman Female Garden, from Urdu Language.
Chanda Female Moon light
Chandni Female The moon's light

Da'wud Male A Prophet's Name.
Daamin Male Guarantor, Surety.
Daania Female Beautiful.
Daanish Male Wisdom, Learning, Science.
Dabbah Male Latch, door lock.
Dabir Male Secretary
Dad Female Old Arabic name
Dafiyah Female Narrator of Hadith.
Daghfal Male Name of first Islamic geologist.
Dahab Female Gold
Dahma Female She was a scholar of religion and had learnt from her brother al-Imam al-Mahdi; she excelled in grammer and literature and possessed knowledge of other sciences and arts. (A.N.).
Dakhil Male Foreigner, stranger.
Dalal Female Treated or touched in a kind and loving way
Daleela Female Guide, Proof.
Daliya Female Dahlia.
Daliyah Female Grape vine
Dameer Male Heart, Conscience.
Damurah Male Sparkle of light, fire.
Daneen Female Princess.
Dani Male Near, close
Danish Male Intelligent.
Daniyah Female Closer, nearer
Daniyal Male Intelligent.
Darakhshaan Female Shinning.
Daria Female Learned, knowing.
Darim Male Name of a narrator of hadith.
Darwish Male Dervish
Daud, Dawud Male Beloved; a Prophets name (David)
Dawid Male Prince.
Dawlah Male Riches, happiness.
Dawlat Khatoon Female She was from a ruling family.
Dawoud Male A Prophet's name
Dayyan Male A mighty Ruler.
Dean Male Religion.
Deeba Female Obedience.
Deema Female Rainy Cloud.
Deen Male Religion.
Dema Female The Rainy Cloud.
Dhakir Male One who remembers God frequently
Dhakirah Female One who remembers God frequently
Dhakiy Male Intelligent, bright
Dhakiyah Female Bright, intelligent
Dhakwan Male Intelligent
Dhiya Male Light, splendour.
Dhuka Female Name of the sun
Dhul Fiqar Male Name of the Prophets sword
Dilawar Male Brave, Courageous.
Dildar Male Charming, beloved.
Dilshad Khatoon Female She lived between 730-750.
Dimah Female Cloud which carries rainwater
Dina Female Love.
Dinar Male Name of the grandfather of Abu Bin Thabit.
Diqrah Female A narrator of hadith.
Dirar Male Old Arabic name
Diya Male Brightness, light
Diya al Din Male Brightness of the faith
Diyanah Female Religion.
Diyari Male A gift, or a present.
Dizhwar Male Mean, strong.
Doaa Female Pray, a voice of heart, request to All-mighty Allah, a source of connection with God and Human.
Dua Female Prayer
Duaa Female Prayer.
Duha Male Fore noon.
Duha, Dhuha Female Forenoon
Dujanah Female Rain.
Dunia Female The world.
Dunya Female World
Dunyana Female Our world
Durar Female Pearls
Durdanah Female Pearl.
Durrah Female Pearl
Durriyah Female Shining, bright
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