Muslim Baby Names (J)



Jaan Male Life, Soul.
Jabalah Male Mountain, hill
Jabbar, Jabr Male Mighty, brave
Jabeen Female Forehead.
Jabir Male Consoler, comforter
Jabirah Female Comforter, consoler
Jabr Male Compulsion name of a companion.
Jabrayah Female Love, respect.
Jad Male Curly, Frizzled.
Jad Allah Male Gift of God
Jada Female Gift, present
Jadwa Female Gift, present

Jafar جعفر Male Arabic Rivulet, stream.
Jahaan Female Land.
Jahan Aara Female Adornment of the world.
Jahan Khatoon Female She was a Persian poet.
Jahanara Female To flower, to live.
Jahangir Male A moghul emperor had this name.
Jahanzeb Male Beautiful
Jahdamah Female She was a female companion of the Prophet (S.A.W).
Jahdami Male An authority for hadith had this name.
Jahdari Male An authority of Quran had this name.
Jahfar جعفر Male Arabic Rivulet, little creek
Jahida Female Helps the vulnarable.
Jahiz Male Ogle-eyed.
Jahm Male Sullen.
Jahmyyllah Female Beautiful one
Jaiyana Female Strength.
Jal Male Resolution, firm will
Jala, Jala Female Clarity, elucidation
Jalal Male Glory
Jalal al Din Male Glory of the faith
Jalees Male Companion, friend, person with whom one sits.
Jalil Male Great, revered.
Jalil, Jaleel Male Great, revered
Jalilah Female Splendid, lofty
Jamal Male Beauty
Jamal al Din Male Beauty of the faith
Jameelah Female Beautiful.
Jamil Male Beautiful, lovely.
Jamil, Jameel Male Beautiful
Jamila Female Beautiful, Graceful, Lovely
Jamilah Female Beautiful, graceful.
Jamilah, Jameela Female Beautiful, graceful, lovely
Jammana Female Pearl.
Jana Female Harvest
Janan Female Heart, Soul.
Janan, Janaan Female Heart, soul
Jannah Female Garden, paradise
Jaraah Male Surgeon; name of tabaree.
Jareer Male Corpulent.
Jari Male Powerful, brave.
Jarir Male One who can pull; name of a famous Arab poet
Jariyah Male Name of a Ashb-as-Suffa.
Jarood Male Name of a companion of the Prophet (S.A.W).
Jaseena Female Nice Heart.
Jasim Male Great, big, huge
Jasim. Male Powerful, strong.
Jasmin Female Flower.
Jasmina Female Flower.
Jasmir Male Strong.
Jasrah Female She was a narrator of Hadith.
Jaul Male Choice
Jaun Male Kind of plant
Javairea Female Mysterious.
Javier Male Month of January.
Jawa Female Passion, love
Jawad Male Open handed, generous
Jawahir Female Jewels
Jawdah Male Heavy rain, benevolent deed
Jawdan Male Goodness.
Jawhar Male Jewel, essence
Jawharah Female Jewel
Jawl Female to move freely
Jawna Female The sun
Jaza Female Reward, compensation.
Jazib Male Beautiful, Handsome.
Jeelan Male It is a city in Iran.
Jehaan Female Creative mind.
Jehan Female Beautiful Flower.
Jemimah Female Beautiful.
Jenna Female Heaven, Paradise.
Jennah Female Paradise.
Jessenia Female Flower.
Jian Female Life.
Jibran Male Old Arabic name
Jibril Male Archangel of Allah (Gabriel)
Jihad Male Struggle, holy war
Jihan Female A river in Iran
Jilan Female Courtier
Jinan Female Gardens, paradise
Jiyad Male Very good.
Johara Female Jewel
Jubair Male Counsels or brings together.
Jubair, Jubayr Male Old Arabic name
Jud Female Generosity
Judamah Female She was the daughter of Wahb; she was a companion and a narrator of Hadith.
Judi Female Name of a mountain mentioned in the Quran
Juhainah, Juhaynah Female Name of an Arab tribe
Juhanah Female Young girl
Juhaym Male Sullen.
Jul Male Resolution, firm will
Juma' Male Friday.
Jumaana Female Silver Pearl.
Jumah, Jumuah Male (Born on) Friday
Juman Female Pearl
Jumanah Male Pearl; name of a companion.
Jumanah, Jumaana Female Silver pearl
Jumaymah Female Name of a female companion.
Jumaynah Female Gem, name of a female companion.
Jummal Male Unit of army.
Jun Female Inlet, bay, gulf
Junah Female The sun
Junaid Male Fighter, worrier whose strength is equal to a small army.
Junaid, Junayd Male Young fighter
Junayd Male Fighter, warrior.
Jundub Male Grasshopper (name of a companion).
Junnut Female Heaven.
Juthamah Male Nightmare (name of companion).
Juwain, Juwayn Male Sibling
Juwairiyah, Juwayriyah Female Wife of the Prophet
Juwan Female Perfume
Juwariyah Female She was the wife of the Prophet (S.A.W).
Juzar, Joozher, Joozhar, Zuzer Male Competent

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