Iranian Persian Farsi Girl Names [M]

Iranian Persian Farsi Girl Names [M]


Mahasti The moon's being
MAhdokht Daughter of the moon
MahlaghA/MahleghA (A) Face of the moon
Maheen/Mahin Greatest
MAhrokh Whose face is like the moon, beautiful
MahkAmeh ???
MahnAz The moon's glory
Mahnoosh ???
Mahsheed Moon, moonlight

MahsA Like the moon
MahtA Moon-like
MahtAb Moonlight
Mahvash Moon-like; a beauty
Malakeh Queen
Maliheh (A) Beautiful
MAnA Alike, similar; also name of a God
MandAna Name of a princess
MAnee/MAni A painter who later claimed to be a prophet
Manizheh A legendary female character in Shahnameh
MarjAn Coral
MarjAneh Coral
Marmar Marble
Maryam/Mariam A flower (Tuberose)
Marzieh (A) Satisfactory, agreeable
Masoumeh (A) Sinless, Innocent
MastAneh Drunken (More like joyful)
Mastoureh (A) Veiled, chaste
MehrAngiz To cause affection
MehrnAz The sun's glory
Mehrnoosh ???
Mehry Sun; also Affectionate, kind
MeshiA Butter made of sheep's milk
MinA Enamel,blue glass(lapis lazuli)
Minoo Paradise, heaven
MitrA Name of a God/Goddess
MozhgAn Eyelashes
Mozhdeh Good news
MonA Name of a God
Moneer/Monir (A) Shining
Moneereh/Monireh (A) Shining
MorvAreed Pearl
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