Iranian Persian Farsi Girl Names [S]

Iranian Persian Farsi Girl Names [S]


SabA (A) Zephyr; a gentle breeze
Sadaf (A) Sea Shell
Saeedeh (A) Happy, prosperous,lucky
Sahar (A) Dawn
SahbA Wine
SAghar Wine cup
SalmA (A) Sweetheart
SAlomeh Salomeh
Saman Jasmin

SamilA ???
Samin/Sameen (A) Precious, expensive
SamirA ???
Samireh (A) Evening entertainments
Sanam (A) Idol
SAnAz A flower
SArA (A) Sarah; also pure, excellent
(applied to gold, ambergris, musk)
SarvenAz Name of a tall, slender tree; also a beautiful woman
SAyeh Shade, Shadow
SeemA/SimA Face
SeetA/SitA ???
Sepeedeh/Sepideh Dawn (the first appearance of light in the morning)
SetAreh Star
ShAdAn Happy, joyful
ShAdee/ShAdi Happiness
Shabnam Dew
ShaghAyegh (A) A flower (Poppy)
Shahin/Shaheen Royal
ShahlA A dark-eyed woman
ShAhzAdeh Princess
ShahnAz The king's loved/favorite one
ShahrbAnou Lady of the town (good)
ShahrnAz The town's loved/favorite one
ShahrzAd City-born
Shalizeh ???
Shams Sun
SharAreh Single spark
Sheefteh Enamoured, fascinated, charmed, captivated
Shervin ???
SheydA Lovesick
SheevA/ShivA Charming
Shideh/Sheedeh Bright, luminous; the sun
ShimA ???
Shirin/Shireen Sweet; pleasant, gentle; delicate
Shirin-bAnoo Sweet lady
Sholeh Flame
Shohreh (A) Famous
Shokoufeh Blossom
Shokouh Splendour; magnificence
ShoukA A kind of deer
Simin Silvery, made of silver
Sogand Oath, Pledge
SoheilA (A) Star
SorayA Name of a constellation
SoudAbeh A legendary female character in Shahnameh
SoulmAz A Persian-Azerbaijani name meaning never wilts
Souri/Suri Red Rose
Sussan/Soussan A flower, Lily of the valley
SouzAn Burning, flaming
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