Iranian Persian Farsi Girl Names [A]

Iranian Persian Farsi Girl Names [A]


Afareen Praise; also means to create
afsAneh A fairy tale
afsar Crown
afshAn To sprinkle
afsoon Charm, spell, bewitchment
aghigh (A) Name of a stone
Ahou/Ahoo Deer
akhtar Star; also name of a flower
akram (A) Honourable; great

AlAleh A flower
AnAhitA Goddess of water
anusheh/anoosheh Happy, fortunate
ArA Ornament, decoration
Arezoo Wish
arghavAn Redish Purple
armaghAn Gift
ashraf (A) Nobler or Noblest
AsA Like, similar to
asal Honey
Assieh The name of Pharoah's wife who educated Moses
Atefeh (A) Affection
atifeh (A) ???
AtoosA Name of an Iranian princess
AvA Voice,call
Avizeh A pendant
AzAdeh Free
Azin Accessories (usually jewlery)
AzitA Name of an Iranian princess
Azar Fire, 9th month of the Iranian calendar
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