Muslim Baby Names (Z)

Muslim Baby Names (Z)


Name Arabic Gender Origin Meaning

Zaahirah Female Guest.
Zaara Female Beautiful Flower.
Zaeem Male The leader.
Zaeemah Female Leader
Zafar Male Victory
Zafeerah Female Firm.
Zafir Male Victorious
Zafirah Female Victorious.
Zafirah, Zaafirah Female Victorious, successful
Zahabiya Female Gold.

Zahara Female Flower, beauty, star.
Zaheen Female Intelligent.
Zaheer Male Bright and shining.
Zaheerah Female Helper, Assistant.
Zahid Male Self denying, abstentious, ascetic
Zahidah Female Ascetic, abstentious
Zahir Male Bright, shining, flowery
Zahirah Female Shining, luminous
Zahra Female Beautiful.
Zahra, Zahraa Female White
Zahraa Female Lady of Jannah.
Zahrah Female Flower, beauty, star
Zahwah Female Beauty, pretty
Zaib Female Beauty
Zaid Female Growth, Increase.
Zaid, Zayd Male Increase, growth, abundance
Zaida Female She was a very devoted worshipper about whose worship the Prophet (S.A.W) also learnt; she was the freed slave of Sayyidina Umar bin al-Khattab.
Zaigham Male Lion.
Zaighum Male Lion, Powerful.
Zaim Male Brigadier General
Zain Male Friend, beloved.
Zain, Zayn Female Beauty
Zain, Zayn Male Beauty
Zaina Female Beautiful
Zainab Female Prophets wife.
Zainab, Zaynab Female an ornamented tree; name of the daughter of the Prophet
Zairah Female Visitor.
Zakar Male Handsome, Kind hearted.
Zakariya Male Name of a Prophet (A.S).
Zakariyya Male A Prophets name (Zakaria)
Zaki Male Intelligent, pure, chaste.
Zaki, Zaky Male Pure
Zakir Male Someone who believes in Allah, faith.
Zakirah Female One who remembers Allah regularly.
Zakiyah Female Pure
Zakwan Male Intuitive
Zalfa Female This was the name of a distinguished woman of her times, she was Hajib known as Umm al-Hajib Abdul Malik.
Zaman Male Time, destiny.
Zameelah Female Companion.
Zameena Female Intelligent, Intellectual.
Zameer Male Conscience.
Zamil Male Friend, collegue.
Zamrud Female She was a narrator of Hadith.
Zanubiya Female Name of a great Syrian queen
Zara Female Bright as the dawn.
Zarar Male Brave, Courageous.
Zareena Female Gold
Zareenah Female A companion of Prophet (S.A.W).
Zarif Male Nice, graceful, humorous
Zarifah Female Beauty, smart.
Zariya Female Beauty and light.
Zarmina Female Lovely and precious gold.
Zaroon Male Visitor.
Zarqa Female Blue.
Zarrah Female She was a narrator of Hadith.
Zarrar Male A great muslim warrior.
Zartaj Female Queen.
Zawiya Female Slim Beauty
Zayaan Female Something beautiful.
Zayan Male Bright.
Zayb Female Adornment.
Zayba Female Adornment; Beauty.
Zayd Male In abundance, plentiful.
Zaynab Female Proper Name, Name of Prophet's Daughter.
Zaynah Female Beautiful.
Zaynah, Zaina Female Beautiful
Zaytoon Female Olive.
Zaytoonah Female (A single) Olive.
Zeba Female Beauty.
Zebadiyah Male Allah's gift.
Zeena Female Ornament, Something beautiful.
Zeenat Female Gorgeous.
Zeeshan Male A high standard.
Zehna Female Beautiful.
Zehra Female Flower.
Zenia Female Flower.
Zerina Female Princess, Smart, Inteligent.
Zia Female Light, Splendid
Ziad, Ziyad Male Super abundance
Ziaud Male Splendor, light.
Zilal Female Shade, Shadow
Zinah Female Beauty.
Zinah, Zinat Female Adornment, ornamentation
Zinneerah Female Name of a sahabiah.
Ziram Female Glow
Ziya Female Light
Ziyad Male Abundance.
ziyada Female Growth
Ziyan Female Elegance
Zoeya Female Life.
Zoha Female Light.
Zohair Male Best friend of the last prophet (S.A.W).
Zoharin Female Dawn, light of day
Zohra Female Venus, jewels of sky.
Zohura Female Beautiful, innocent and caring.
Zonira Female Precious Stone, Expensive Jewel.
Zorah Female Dawn.
Zoufishan Female Moonlight.
Zoya Female Loving & caring.
Zubaidah Female Excellent; name of the wife of Caliph Harun Al Rashid
Zubair Male Proper Name.
Zubair, Zubayr Male Strong, powerful, smart
Zubaydah Female This was the name of the daughter of Jafar Mansoor and the wife of Khalifah Haroon Rasheed.
Zubayr Male It's a proper name, a Sahabas' name and the youngest fighter in Al Islam.
Zubdah Female Butter.
Zubi Female Loving and understanding.
Zuehb Male Clever Minded.
Zufar Male Name of Imam Abu Hanifah's disciple.
Zuha, Zuhaa Female Adornment
Zuhair, Zuhayr Male Bright, having flowers
Zuharah Female Planet Venus.
Zuhayr Male Bright.
Zuhayra Female Courage.
Zuhera Female Name of a planet.
Zuhoor Male Appearance, Manifestation.
Zuhrah Female Brightness
Zuhur Female to flower, to blossom, to glow
Zulaykha Female She was a narrator of Hadith.
Zulaym Male A narrator of Hadith.
Zulekha Female Brilliant beauty.
Zulfa Female First part of the night.
Zulfah Female Nearness, closeness.
Zulfaqar Male Sword that the Prophet (S.A.W) gave to Sayyidina Ali.
Zulfiqar Male Sword name of Hazart Ali.
Zumurrud Female Emerald
Zumurruda Female Emerald
Zumzum Female Sweet water of paradise.
Zunairah Female Flower found in paradise.
Zunnoon Male Appellation of Prophet Yunus (A.S).
Zuti Male Name of the grandfather of Imam Abu Hanifah.
Zynah Female Beautiful.

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