Urdu Girl Baby Names [I]

Indian and Pakistani Baby Names and their meanings

Urdu Girl Baby Names [I]

Name Meaning
• Ibtihaaj Joy
• Ibtihaj Joy
• Ikraam Honor; Hospitality; Generosity
• Ikram Honor, hospitality, generosity
• Ilhaam Intuition
• Ilham Intuition
• Iman Faith, belief
• Imtithal Polite obedience

• In'am Kindness, benefaction, bestowal
• Inaam Act of kindness; Benefaction; Bestowal
• Inas Sociability
• Inaya Concern; solicitude
• Intisaar Triumph
• Intisar Triumph
• Ishana Goddess Durga
• Ishani Goddess Durga
• Ishanvi Parvathi
• Ishta Another name for Lord Vishnu
• Ishya Spring
• Izdihaar Flourishing; Blossoming
• Izdihar Flourishing, blooming

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