Farzan Esfandiar Starts Walking

Since three days ago, I am able to walk firmly. I can also walk longer. I can also turn around while walking. That's all I achieve when I am 14 month old.

So, I need some kind of 'adventure' now. I need some play ground beyond my own home and backyard.

I need to go a lot more distanced than those boundaries.

So, to realize my "adventurous passion", I start going around to my neighbors and cousin's house: Mas Daud and Mas Bessam's house.

I enjoy playing with both of them. As we differ just a little bit in terms of age, we can understand each other.

Picture: I put the ball on the basket. I've a little dream to be a basket player someday
About Me:
A breastfed baby for the first six months and a formula-fed baby months after.