Holy Month of Ramadan 2011

Today is the first day of holy month Ramadan. Dad, mom, and the two mbaks (Nur and Ilul) are all fasting; meaning they are not eating nor drining from dawn to sunset. Actually I'd love to be with them fasting all day, but dad and mom don't allow me to do that. Adik Kanza is also too litle a kid to fast.

So, it's the third time in my lifetime I see Ramadan holy month. Though I cannot figure out fully why people surround me are so happy because of this month, I simply feel happy too. Happiness, dad says, is contagious. Just like sadness. It makes you happy whenever see people happy.

I am also so happy to know that mom had paid all previous fastings she left because of me and adik Kanza which amount to 20 days total.

So, happy Ramadan and happy fasting to all of Muslims around the world!
Ramadan 2011

In picture: I like reading book. Just like my dad.