How to Reduce Baby Fever

Dad and mom are busy googling about tips on how to reduce baby fever in a natural way. They are so scared whenever I got fever due to whatever reason. The fits I have suffered twice due to high fever made my parents so worried it's going to happen again.

Day finally find a simple way to reduce fever in children like me as follows:

1. Cool water baby massage.
In a warm room lay out a towel on a waterproof pad (like a changing table pad with the cover removed). Get a bowl of lukewarm water, add a chamomile tea bag to the water if desired, and set it near by. Lay your baby on the towel and remove their clothing (you can leave on the diaper if you want to).

2. Cucumber pacifier.
The cucumber is often used by spas as a way to reduce tissue inflammation and swelling around peoples eyes. It can have a similarly soothing effect on your baby when used as a pacifier. I recommend that parents take a whole young cucumber (young cucumbers have fewer seeds) and peel one end, then use a paring knife to whittle it into the shape of a thick finger tip, thicker at the base, and slimming near the rounded tip.

3. Feed your baby more frequently.
Though your baby may seem to have less of an appetite, they actually need more fluids than normal. Dehydration is a very real danger when your baby has a fever, and since often the last thing they want to do is eat, try to offer them smaller feeds more often.

4. Take a lukewarm bath together.
Both the skin-to-skin contact and the tepid bathwater should be soothing and cooling for your little one. Even if you just give your baby a bath instead of joining in, it is a great way to reduce a fever and sooth the aches and pains that a fever causes.

5. Use a cool swaddle.
Having a baby with a fever is extra hard because swaddling them like normal will just cause over-heating, but chances are they still sleep best when they are swaddled.

Picture below when I was treated in RSIA Melati Husada Malang for diarrhea which caused high fever and the second fits

How to Reduce Baby Fever

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