Day Seven

Days went by so quickly. Now, I'm a seven day old baby. I'm grateful to God who makes my seven-day presence in this world excites everyone around. Mom and dad are so happy. Gramma is happy too even if my existence make her life busier to have bathed me twice everyday; take care of me whenever my mom is still unable to do a particular job; clean up my clothes etc. She's done that with excitement and without any complain.

Last night, my dad went to doctor's home to take my medicine for my diarrhea I've suffered for the last three days and got even worse last night. Of course, it's mom who'd consume the drug on my behalf. And today, the diarrhea is gone. The flu, however, is still there a bit.

I woke up only once last night making mom, dad and gramma happy. In the morning, mom have me sun-bathed. It become my routine these last couple of days. On 8 o'clock, gramma sun-bath me again. Feeling so warm and healthy today.

Oh one more thing, people are busy arguing whether I'm like my mom or my dad. Gramma always insists I like both of them. Fair enough I guess. Dad seems enjoying the farzan-like-whom contentious debates.

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  1. I wonder wether you could manage to keep posting regularly at least till your first birthday !,

  2. Pray for me Uncle Abu Hanifah. I try my best.

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