Day Eight

As I said yesterday, I am no longer disturbing mom and gramma too much at night. The reason according to mom is because mom and gramma accompany me sleep beside me. Mom on my left, gramma on my right side. That's why, mom says, I sleep more comfortably unlike when I was placed on the baby box days before.

I dont know if it's true. The fact is since yesterday and last night I woke up, and woke mom, gramma and dad up, only once. That's at 3 o'clock in the morning for regular "activities" ie. urinating, fedecating, drinking and changing clothes.

All in all, all people who take care of me feel happy.

One thing I feel unfortunate today, the weather is cloudy in the morning. So, I am unable to bask in the sun this morning along with mom and gramma as usual. Hope tomorrow there'll be sunshine again.

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