Day Nine: Umbilical Cord is Gone

The important thing to report today is that yesterday afternoon when gramma took me to bath, my Umbilical Cord (tali pusar) has gone, falls off; detached to be precise. This makes my life a lot easier. People say, it's common among babies my age. The Umbilical Cord, the residue the doctor left during the day one I was born, will be gone within a week or ten days maximum. Mom and gramma are happy with this development and for that gramma celebrates it by making special porridge (made from sticky rice) mixed with coconut milk and distributed among neighbours. This is a javanese custom where mom belongs.

This is an info about umbilical cord:

During the first two weeks one of your jobs when changing your baby’s diaper will be taking care of his umbilical cord. Some doctors suggest patting it dry, while others suggest using alcohol swabs to keep it dry and germ-free. As you keep it clean, your will notice the umbilical cord starting to dry up, shrink and fall off.

Now, I am crying less and less. Making mom, gramma and dad sleep more and more.

The baby navel picture below is not mine, I'm telling you.

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