Day Ten: Putting Adsense

This month has been the cloudy and rainy days in my place. Fortunately there's still half an hour time to bask in the sun in the morning along with my mom and dad.

By the way, Dad insists I should put Adsense in my blog. Though I am a bit disagree with Dad's idea I finally budge. I also think so far it's not distracting my baby friend who come to this blog, why object? Who knows it may help me out to fund my school fees when it's time to go to school without asking Dad and Mom's assistance.

So, now it's the ten days as a baby for me. I dont know what to say whether I should be happy or not. The thing is life must go on. Don't you agree?

Actually, to say I'm unhappy is overstatement. As I said earlier, my coming make parents so happy so is my gramma, aunts, uncles and cousins. That's more than enough to make you feel happier. I do.

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