First Week of Baby Development

Since I was born ten days ago, Dad regularly reads any info concerning new baby born like me on the internet. There are plenty of information outthere regarding day to day development. Here's for example the baby development during the first week:

Developmental Milestones*

During the first two weeks of life, your baby won’t be doing much except sleeping. In the few minutes of him being awake, you may notice that your baby seems to be able to focus on your face a bit more than before. You may also notice that your baby is trying to lift his head more frequently during tummy time, actually getting it off the floor for several seconds at a time. If your baby isn’t quite accomplishing these tasks yet, he should be by the end of the first month!

Your Baby’s Umbilical Cord

During the first two weeks one of your jobs when changing your baby’s diaper will be taking care of his umbilical cord. Some doctors suggest patting it dry, while others suggest using alcohol swabs to keep it dry and germ-free. As you keep it clean, your will notice the umbilical cord starting to dry up, shrink and fall off. While it looks bad, and may smell bad, it is a natural process. Once it falls off, there might be a tiny spot of bloody puss, which will probably heal on its’ own within a couple of days.

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