Day 36: Aqiqah Celebration

The day of Selapan (36 days of baby birth) finally comes. It will be held along with aqiqah's celebration. Dad bought two goats since I'm a boy (one goat if I were a girl). Both are slaughtered by uncle Ali. The meat are cooked by aunt Lutfiyah and her team to be distributed in my celebration today where around 400 orphans (yatim piatu) reciting shalawat and praying for the Prophet, for me as well as for all human kind.

I'm then brought by dad circling around all attendant (who mostly orphans but some are adults) some of them (the adults) cut a little part of my hair.

The celebration of my aqiqah day is done successfully. Dad carries me back to my house to meet family from Kepanjen (aunts, uncles and cousins). They look happy and praise me for staying cool (not crying) during the celebration. Yes, I'm not crying. I even fall asleep a bit when uncle Ali carries me for some minutes inside the mosque during the celebration.

The photos

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